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La Arena Project
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STRACON GyM S.A. has operations in Peru, in the departments of Cajamarca, La Libertad, Pasco, Junín, Arequipa and Cusco, and Panama in the district of Penonomé.

We have a workforce of 4,500 people.

About Us

STRACON GyM S.A. has been established following an eight year joint venture partnership between STRACON S.A.C. and GyM S.A. This company integrates the strengths of STRACON, with international experience in contract mining services and bulk earthworks and GyM, the largest supplier of multiple, integrated mining and construction services.

We are focused on offering long-term strategic solutions to our Clients throughout Latin America.

Our Mission

Develop a sustainable business based on providing efficient and innovative mining and earthworks services to our Clients, with the highest standards in safety, environment and community relations.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most reliable company in mining and bulk earthworks services in Latin America.

Core Values

The following expands upon our Core Values as the input for our Ethics Charter, Our Policies and Processes, Our Leadership Style and our Decision Making.

We share a commitment to protecting the safety and health of our employees and all other stakeholders of our business. We are committed to behave as safety leaders and provide our people with the training, knowledge and tools to work safely and prevent accidents.

Our goal is to undertake our works within the time and terms agreed with our clients, our team and third parties. We strive to achieve this in each of the projects we undertake, thus forming a culture of engagement in all of the activities we carry out.

We are aligned to international quality standards, understand and respect environmental stewardship, endeavor to act with social responsibility and create value in our services in order to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers. We believe this embodies within the “Graña y Montero Quality”.

We are governed by ethics and professionalism we evidence in the works we carry out, complying with all the agreements, serving our customers beyond the terms and conditions, fostering a collaborative work environment, fellowship and dissemination of our values, and upholding the principle of honesty in our business practices. We utilize our ethics charter to guide delivery of Integrity.

Our business is aimed at improving productivity in all areas of the company through compliance to our management processes, by innovating, measuring and reducing costs thereby creating value.

Our Policies


OCTAVIO CABRERA - General Manager and Director
STEVE DIXON - Chief Operating Officer and Director
MIGUEL ARAMBURU - Independent Director

Executive Staff

HAYDEN HALSTED - Business Development Manager
JOSE LUIS DEL CORRAL - Operations Manager
MIGUEL PONS - Administration and Finance Manager
SANDRO ZUMARÁN - Human Resources Manager
DAVID SANDS - Technical Manager – Major Civil Projects
JOHN TAMAYO - Equipment and Logistics Manager
LUIS SEMINARIO - Technical Manager
BRENT ASHTON - Technical Manager – Mining
JEFFREY HUNTER - Manager Health, Safety & Environment